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Where are you located?

ML Holdings Company is located at 6171 Washington Street, Denver, Colorado 80216.

How many companies and locations do you have?

We have 6 operating companies at over 35 sites across North America.

What is your fleet size?

We have a 3,300+ unit fleet across our operating companies dedicated to lifting, digging, crushing, hauling, and more. With a 9% CAGR fleet growth rate, our units are as diverse as the industries we serve. Ranging from heavy and compact earthmoving equipment, aggregate, portable power, and paving & compaction, to cranes of all shapes and sizes, solid waste & organics waste processing equipment, and utility and service vehicles.

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How do I contact someone about a potential acquisition?

You can reach us by completing a form here and expect a response in 1-2 business days.

How do you identify an ideal organization for acquisition?

Initially, we consider several business characteristics, including:

  • North American location.
  • Brand preference and quality reputation in the market served.
  • Management that prioritizes growth.
  • Strong employee culture.

We also qualify based on financial performance:

  • Bolt on to existing business in $5M+ range.
  • New group or vertical with revenue in the $20M - $100M range.
  • A track record for generating positive cash flow and net income.
  • Stable organic growth.
What do successful acquisitions see in a relationship with you?

Time and time again, what people appreciate most is that we take a genuine interest in their leadership, customers, and culture. We value the preservation of their established brand and share a responsibility for the well-being and future opportunities for employees. Maintaining the legacy that sellers have established is very important to us.

Why should I consider you for a family-operated business?

We’re a family business and we’ve walked in your shoes for years. There is no one who will understand your needs more than us. We understand how important it is for sellers with multiple generations of family ownership to preserve the best parts of their history and culture. Our focus is finding businesses that want help with long-term growth initiatives for the benefit of their employees, their customers, their communities, and our shareholders.

How do you support the leadership and employees of businesses you acquire?

Each business is different. But in general, most of the companies we acquire request some combination of capital, shared services, or managerial guidance. We have a deep understanding of the risks and wisdom needed to fully support the businesses we acquire.

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Your employee job satisfaction score is 76. Is that good?

Job satisfaction measures employee’s contentment with their work, which subsequently influences their psychological attachment to our organization and their job role. The 76 score indicates that ML Holdings Company employees:

  • Like their job.
  • Feel they have a clear job description.
  • Feel empowered to reach their full potential.

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