NEWS • Mar 5, 2019

Willie Plessman Moves into New Role at ML Holdings

Vice President Risk Management and Real Estate, ML Holdings, Willie Plessman

During his more than 20 years with the organization, first at Power Equipment Company and now at ML Holdings Company, Willie Plessman has worn more hats than almost anyone and has the knowledge base to show for it. Two of his most critical areas of expertise are risk management and real estate management. As such Willie has accepted the role of Vice President, Risk Management and Real Estate for ML Holdings.

ML’s profile in both areas has changed substantially over the last few years. Willie has successfully led the development of several facilities in the Rocky Mountain region and he will be putting his expertise to good use on several upcoming projects. Likewise, our geographies and operations have diversified, requiring broader risk assessments which Willie is poised to offer.

In the area of risk management, Willie provides best practices advice and, when beneficial, lead the project management of key initiatives such as construction projects and real estate transactions. On the real estate side, Willie handles property identification, due diligence, negotiation, and management, with skillful precision to give our companies an advantage at any stage of a deal.

In his new position, Willie will step back from some of his previous day to day responsibilities to work with the ML executive teams across the companies, helping to identify areas of improvement and drive results. For everyone who has worked with Willie, it is easy to attest that the more folks he touches, the better off the organization will be.