NEWS • Sep 12, 2023

7 Ways ML Holdings Company’s Website Will Deliver Value For You

Announcement graphic for ML Holdings Company website with visual graphics.

Since our start in 1982, ML Holdings Company has played an important role in key construction and infrastructure projects across America. As a holding company, we’ve always believed that it is important to stay out of the limelight and let our operating companies speak to their accomplishments.

However, we realize that today, the transparency of any company is critical. We recognize that the employees and customers of our operating companies, and any potential acquisitions, want to know as much as possible about our business principles, how we treat people, and of course, our ability to improve performance and profits.

To meet that need, and do a better job of telling the ML Holdings Company story, we’re excited to share the first ever ML Holdings Company website! Throughout the site you can learn more about the long track record of success at our operating companies, meet the talented leaders across our organization, and get a sense of how we will continue to back strong leaders and businesses for the future.

  1. Meet our operating groups. Explore how they are pushing innovation in their verticals and supporting American infrastructure.
  2. The people in our operating groups are the most important asset we have. Get to know the leaders of those groups and how they are changing the landscape of their industry.
  3. ML’s operating companies have been contributing to America’s growth since the 1930’s. Explore our iconic past to see how each business is making headlines for the future.
  4. Join us in recognizing and celebrating the individuals across our organization that are making a difference in the world.
  5. Check out our news section regularly for best practices, thought leadership, and industry insights.
  6. Meet the ML executive team and begin to understand their approach to leadership, business, and strategic decision making.
  7. Learn about our approach to growth and partnership across our portfolio of high-performing businesses. Want a little more? Head to the FAQ’s page to answer questions sellers face every day.

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