NEWS • Jan 1, 2022

ML Crane Group: Teaming Up For Innovative Solutions

The Alternative Movement Division at ML Cranes hauls a large load on a trailer with jack and skid system

More than just a crane rental and heavy lift company.

The ML Crane Group Alternative Movement Division (AMD) crew mobilized to Roswell, NM this fall, calling in teams from our Winslow Crane Service office in Denver, CO and crane support from Marks Crane & Rigging out of Carlsbad, NM.

For the project, crews were working in a live power plant, and cranes were not able to be used onsite. As a solution, the ML Crane Group teams brought in a HT-500 jack and skid system and jacked up the client’s old transformer, installed the skids and slid the transformer out onto our transport trailer.

Then the new 98,000 LBS transformer was prepared by moving the skid track around to accommodate for its different size and dimensions. After positioning the trailer, the new transformer slid onto the pad and was jacked down into place.

By using our jack and skid system in place of cranes, our team was able to save the plant from having to shut down power to parts of the city. The job went without a hitch thanks to the skilled crews from each of the branches!