NEWS • Sep 23, 2022

ML Environmental: Hammond Farms Efficient & Profitable Mulch and Composting Business

Komptech Crambo shredding material on a Hammond Farms jobsite in Michigan

Since its early beginnings in 1982, Hammond Farms has focused on providing quality products and service to customers. However, it’s their strategic planning and innovative technology adoption that has helped them thrive.

Hammond Farms Landscape Supply operates from a simple concept: Provide homeowners and contractors with a wide selection of high-quality landscape materials and superior customer service. This formula has proven successful and helped Hammond Farms become one of Michigan’s most prominent suppliers of compost, topsoil, and mulch.

Lee Hammond, Jr., General Manager of Hammond Farms Landscape Supply, has seen the company grow since childhood when his father started the business in 1982. From bagging products at age ten to working hands-on across various roles throughout the company, Hammond has gained the industry experience and business skills needed to lead the company successfully. While the company has continued to thrive and grow over the years, that success hasn’t come without strategic planning, innovative technology adoption, and plenty of hard work.

Several years ago, the U.S. economy experienced a decline that took a significant toll on many small and medium-sized businesses across the nation. Commercial mulch and compost producers were not immune to the economic effects. For Hammond Farms, surviving this tough time meant finding new ways to increase production efficiency and output volume while maintaining the high-quality products their customers demand.

Hammond Farms looked for equipment that could be used cross-functionally across their facility processes while also helping to streamline operations. After learning about the Komptech star screen technology at a mulch conference, the Hammond Farms leadership team chose Komptech Americas as a key solutions provider to help them increase mulch and compost production efficiency.

The company currently operates a Komptech Crambo 6000 dual-shaft shredder, a Multistar XL3 star screen, and a Topturn X63 windrow turner. Each piece of technology is essential to the overall production process at Hammond Farms.

Hammond Farms initially used a high-speed grinder on the front end of their mulch production. However, high operation costs and extended downtimes due to contaminants convinced the Hammond team to consider a low-speed shredder as an alternative. After a short rental period with a Crambo, Hammond Farms became confident in the machine’s capabilities and purchased a Komptech dual-shaft shredder for full-time production.

The Komptech Multistar XL3 is a staple at Hammond Farms, where the star screen efficiently processes approximately 300 yards per hour of compost and mulch. The XL3 screens out unwanted plastics and other contaminants with the help of the windsifter separation unit, to produce a clean finished organic product. In addition, the Multistar has enabled Hammond Farms to increase production year-round with its ability to screen higher moisture content material. In a state where the weather can be unexpected, maintaining production capability in wetter months has proven beneficial.

Compost production at Hammond Farms dramatically improved when they incorporated the Komptech Topturn X63 windrow turner. Before the turner, the compost windrows at Hammond Farms were turned with a wheel loader—a process that took nearly a week to complete. Since adding the X63, the entire compost field can be turned in a single day. This increase in production and decrease in equipment and labor costs was a game changer for the landscape supply company.

“We hope every day is going to run smooth. It’s finding the right equipment that matches what we do here to produce the volumes we need.”

– Lee Hammond, Jr., General Manager of Hammond Farms Landscape Supply.

Kevin Yuncker is the Senior Area Sales Manager for Komptech Americas and has worked directly with Hammond Farms for many years. Kevin has provided the Hammond team with deep industry and product expertise and guidance that has helped them choose the right solutions for their needs. Thanks to Kevin, the Hammond Farms crew values Komptech Americas as more than just an equipment supplier but more as an industry partner.

Hammond Farms’ success over the past 38 years stems from its never ending commitment to satisfying customers through a broad offering of high-quality products and phenomenal service. With that simple philosophy and a bit of Komptech technology and expertise, Hammond Farms will continue to achieve success long into the future.

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