NEWS • Feb 1, 2023

Komptech Americas Receives Award at Compost 2023 Event

Seven Komptech Americas employees pose for picture at United States Compost Council demo day 2023.

The U.S. Composting Council (USCC) recently held its 31st annual Compost 2023 conference for more than 1,400 compost industry professionals. At the event, Komptech Americas was awarded for its long-time support of the Compost Research Education Foundation.

Komptech Americas has been a sponsor and exhibitor for many years at the USCC’s COMPOST Conference, the world’s largest compost and organics recycling conference. In January 2023, the company was a Diamond sponsor and exhibitor at COMPOST 2023 in Ontario, California. In addition, Komptech Americas was presented with an award celebrating its long-time support of the Compost Research Education Foundation (CREF).

At the awards presentation, the CREF stated, “The Compost Research & Education Foundation wishes to recognize and express our deep appreciation for the overall support and dedication towards encouraging educational opportunities, scientific research and building greater awareness of compost and organics recycling.”

After accepting the award, Komptech Americas president Brandon Lapsys shared, “We are happy to support CREF and the Compost Operator Training Course. We look forward to continuing our partnership as this industry grows and educates composters.”

The COMPOST 2023 Conference at a Glance

Throughout COMPOST 2023, the Komptech Americas team engaged with compost professionals from across North America and around the globe. Team members attended informational panel sessions focused on new and emerging opportunities throughout the organics recycling industry. One session highlighted a decentralized, on-site community composting project in Washington, D.C. Another session outlined progress on a long-term project in the Bahamas where the country’s largest landfill is being optimized into a massive waste diversion operation and compost farm. And another fascinating session featured the story behind implementing a food waste diversion and composting program at the world-famous Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, California.

The conference featured two keynote presenters, Kara Brewer Boyd of the Association of American Indian Farmers and Michael Martinez of L.A. Compost. Each shared their unique stories of how their work as composters and farmers has positively impacted their cultures and communities. In the event’s closing speech, Michael Martinez said, “Compost is the soul’s work, and the beauty of a compost pile comes from the diversity of its ingredients.” His words effectively described the passion, pride, and sense of community experienced by those attending COMPOST 2023.

In the Booth With Komptech Americas

Inside the Ontario Conference Center Exhibit Hall, the Komptech Americas exhibit booth was front and center, with a full display of a Topturn X63 windrow turner. The booth featured striking overhead hanging signage, stylish seating, and dazzling digital elements, including multiple video monitors displaying Komptech composting solutions and an eight-foot-tall LED screen showcasing the features and benefits of the Topturn X series.

One of the booth’s highlights was its interactive touchscreen kiosks, where booth visitors played a fun digital match game to win prizes and learn about Komptech technology solutions. At the end of the week, the match game player with the fastest overall time won the Komptech Outdoor Explorer gift package, stocked with a winter jacket, backpack, Bluetooth speaker, hats, shirts and other Komptech gear.

However, the true star of the Komptech booth was the Topturn X63 windrow turner. This machine is the third largest in the Topturn X series and was hard to miss, at nearly 16 feet tall! Conference attendees explored the machine’s many features, including the powerful CAT® C13 diesel engine, large-dimensioned turning drum, and patented scraper bar. They also climbed atop the X63 to check out the hydraulically extendable maintenance platforms and sit in the sleek, raised operator cabin, which provided a truly unique view of the exhibit hall.

At the end of the first full day of the conference, Komptech Americas hosted an in-booth happy hour. The happy hour allowed attendees to chat one-on-one with the Komptech Americas team about the Topturn X and the Komptech Compost Process: Shred-Turn-Screen-Separate. Also at the happy hour was a meet-and-greet with Jayne Merner Senecal, host of The Composter Podcast (which Komptech Americas proudly sponsors).

Jayne is the owner of Earth Care Farms, Rhode Island’s oldest operating composting farm, and an active Komptech equipment customer. Her passion for the industry encouraged her to partner with No-Till Growers to produce the podcast. Jayne describes The Composter Podcast as a “practical conversation between industry professionals and farmers with a passion for producing high-quality compost; digging deep into the science, technology, and art of compost production.”

Live Demo Day Action

The One Stop Landscape Supply Center facility in sunny Redlands, California, was the location and backdrop for the final day of the COMPOST 2023 Conference, also known as “Demo Day.” Each year, as part of the annual conference, the USCC organizes this equipment demonstration event so attendees can watch machines from multiple companies operate simultaneously. Komptech Americas featured three products in this year’s Demo Day (the Crambo dual-shaft shredder, Multistar star screener, and Topturn X5000 windrow turner) demonstrating three of the steps of the Komptech Compost Process.

First to run were the screeners. Although screening is the third step in the Komptech Process, it was the perfect way to launch the events of Demo Day. For nearly 20 minutes, organics were loaded into the Komptech Multistar star screen while it efficiently screened and separated materials into piles of three fraction sizes: fines, mids and overs. When the screening was complete, attendees walked around the Multistar, examined the machine up close and inspected the output.

Next up were the shredders. The Komptech Crambo is a low-speed, high-torque, dual-shaft shredder that is the ideal first step in the Komptech Compost Process. As green waste and other organics are fed into the Crambo’s 11-foot hopper, the counter-rotating drums shred and blend the feedstock, keeping unwanted contaminants large-sized, so removal downstream remains easy. At this year’s Demo Day, the Crambo shredded green waste with eucalyptus trees, adding a refreshing aroma to an already breathtaking site!

The compost windrow turners were the grand finale of Demo Day, with pull-type and self-propelled machines being demonstrated. Attendees saw the Komptech Topturn X5000 in action, effortlessly turning a windrow pile before being parked for attendees to get an up-close look at the machine’s unique features. One surprise that came out of the demo was the discovery of multiple pieces of magnetic metal affixed to the back of the Topturn following the turning process. The Komptech team explained how these metallic contaminants were found inside the windrow before being turned. However, the sturdy steel body of the Topturn attracted these magnetic contaminants, providing added separation for easy removal.